Have you ever been to a Military resume builder or translation website and the system tells you that your Military position doesn’t transfer into a civilian job or it provides few skills for all the experience you have earned and the work you accomplished?

We’ve seen it, we’ve experienced it, and we know you have, too. That feeling you had of “what do you mean?” is understood and felt here at GuideOn.

Unlike many resume builders and websites that know little more than military titles and ranks, GuideOn knows “how the military runs” and more importantly deeply understands the amazing takeaways from your service experience.

We know the complexity of each military speciality and we work hard to fully and accurately understand where you’ve been and what you have done in your specific specialty.

We are able do this because at GuideOn we possess a rich and clear understanding of your military career path, training, education, and position responsibilities that correspond directly to your career experience.

Additionally, GuideOn possesses a real time inventory of job postings to make sure we can match your real capabilities to your future civilian job aspirations.

We do this in a revolutionary way. First, we take a hard look at your military position experience by examining each position held against the official regulation based responsibilities and duty bullets. Second, we research and determine the skills you acquired during your military career path, that includes broadening assignments, training and real world problem solving. Third, we relate your total experience, training, and final position level attained to a compatible civilian industry job position and role. Fourth, GuideOn develops civilian compatible resume statements to compliment your military duties by position. Lastly, with each resume statement, we pair up civilian leadership and technical skills that reflect what you bring to the civilian job market.

As a Military member, your rank and duty title/position may not make sense to a corporate recruiter. Your GuideOn resume bridges the gap between Military and civilian life as you transition. Your civilian compatible job title and resume statements may not be clear to you at first because we are focusing on descriptions of what you accomplished with the mindset of a civilian recruiter/hiring manager at the forefront of the translation. You’ll see differences in what you may have created in the past and what your GuideOn resume states. We match a civilian job title with your Military duty title to support your job responsibilities and level within the Army. That civilian job title is listed on your resume to bridge the gap.

At the top of your GuideOn resume, you will see your top nine civilian skills. GuideOn uses its research based, proprietary Skills Bank and mapping algorithm to accurately map in-demand skills that you have acquired during your military service to your resume statements. Review your resume statements and compare them with the skills listed. Make sure they make sense to you. Then review your top skills and research what they mean and how they relate to what you did in the Military.

We know this transition process is “the road less traveled” for you, your buddies, and even your families. The job search process brings uncertainty and fear to many people. Consider us your battle buddy in your search for a new job. We are here to provide support to veterans along this journey.