I’m Kristin Aguilar and I’m part of the research and behavioral science team (aka the resume makers) at GuideOn.

As an Army Brat, I’ve grown up with the military as part of my life. It’s how I describe who I am because it has shaped my values and allowed me the opportunity to be around various people from different backgrounds. I believe it’s part of what has propelled me into the fields of higher education and leadership development over the


I combine all of that experience and knowledge to find the best elements of a resume for you because I understand your background, your work ethic, and your worth. I am also part of the team that can coach you and prepare you for an interview.

I love social media, working out to PiYo and Cize, and spending time with my family and furbabies. My hometown is San Antonio, but as you know, Army Brats have a hard time claiming one place- my heart is also in Heidelberg.