Hi, I’m Wayne Ludwig, a Behavioral Scientist Researcher at GuideOn.
I am working very hard with all the members of our research team at GuideOn to ensure that your hard earned military service is translated into a quality resume. Our goal will always be that every veteran is able to use our resume to showcase their vital skills that civilian companies are looking for, and be compensated at their worth.

I currently live in Boston with my family, and my priority remains to spend as much time with them as possible. You can count on me cheering on my boys playing high school sports and enjoying newly discovered outdoor hobbies with my wife like kayaking and geocaching.

I’ve just recently retired from the Army with almost 22 years of service in the Military Police. I served two combat tours in Iraq and also served in six other countries throughout my career. I am so excited to be helping other vets find a great jobs and being a part of a team who helps and assist with easing transitions.