Core Values, Core Purpose, and Powerful Transforming Vision: Overview

When the GuideOn Leadership Team started the company in September 2014, we wanted to build a high-performance, transformational culture that was driven by intangible motivators that not only recognized each teammember’sbasic needs, but more importantly theirpersonal fulfillment needs and desires. We wanted toengage the emotional energy of the “full person” inside every GuideOn team member, similar to the way that the Army’s Values, Purpose and Vision had energized GuideOn Co-Founders. To realize this kind of culture we knew that it would have to be built on a strong foundation of specific GuideOn Core Values, Core Purpose, and A Powerful Transforming Vision that would engage team member motives and drive our behavior. We invite you to examine GuideOn’s three foundational elements and to ask yourself the question, “Are these type foundational elements important to me, when I make my civilian work place selection?”

At GuideOn we believe that high performing companies possess and are driven by three essential organizational foundational elements, which form the bedrock for enduring company success: 1) a set of Internalized Core Values, 2) a Core Purpose, and 3) a Powerful Transforming Vision.

The first two foundational elements, Core Values and Core Purpose form GuideOn’s Core Ideology. GuideOn team members fully understand that to realize lasting organizational success we must live and work by our Core Ideology. Furthermore, to create and sustain our GuideOn culture we must also teach our Core Ideology to all new team members. Core Values are the crucial and enduring tenets of an organization. In short, GuideOn’s Core Values are our basic beliefs about “what is good”, “what ought” to be, or “what we stand for”. The second part of GuideOn’s Core Ideology is Core Purpose, is “our reason for being” or “why we exist”. GuideOn’s Core Purpose is the company’s and team member’s DNA. These first two tenets essentially identify what is sacred to GuideOn and must remain fixed. They differ drastically from our business strategies and practices, which must endlessly adapt to a changing world. In the end Core Values and Core Purpose, our Core Ideology provides the glue that holds our organization together through time. Our Core Ideology is what defines GuideOn’s enduring character, our consistent identity that transcends product or market life cycles, technology breakthroughs, management fads, and individual leaders. Most importantly, GuideOn’s ability to focus and refocus on our Core Ideology is the primary reason we can solve “unsolvable” problems innovatively”.

GuideOn’s third foundation element is our Powerful Transformational Vision. Our Core Ideology is critical to Vision development and attainment, because it measures the “rightness” of our Vision. GuideOn’s strong Core Ideology prevents us from creating a Vision that could be viewed as immoral or unethical. However, as important as our Core Ideology is it does not provide direction. Only GuideOn’s third essential foundational element, our Powerful Transforming Vision provides crucial direction. Vision is GuideOn’s realistic, credible, compelling future state. It is the vivid description of our desirable future, “What we want to create”. Vision animates, inspirits, and transforms Core Values and core purpose into action.

GuideOn’s Core Values: A Deeper Dive

As noted earlier, GuideOn’s Core Values are our basic beliefs about what is “good” or what “ought to be, or what we stand for”. Our Core Values serve as guidelines for leader and team member decision making and ethical conduct. At GuideOn leaders and team members are embrace and aspire to our Core Values. At GuideOn we live and work by the six team Core Values. These Core Values were developed by GuideOn leaders and team members during our initial Strategic Planning Retreat in September 2014.


To ensure that all GuideOn leaders and team members fully understand what is meant by each of our six Core Values, we defined each Core Value by a set of guiding principles. Our guiding principles are value-based statements that specifically define each GuideOn Core Value. Each Guiding Principle is a promise or commitment that describes how GuideOn leaders and team members will live our Core Values, both privately and publicly. It fine-tunes the meaning of GuideOn Core Values and provides a specific frame work to form expectations and judge behavior. GuideOn Guiding Principles answer the question, “How will I act and behave daily as I live and work to fulfill our Core Purpose in pursuit of our Vision?”  GuideOn Core Values with their Guiding Principle shown below.


Core Purpose: A Deeper Dive

The second part of GuideOn’s Core Ideology is Core Purpose, “our reason for being” or “why we exist”. GuideOn’s Core Purpose is the company’s and team member’s DNA. Our Core Purpose is based on our enduring core values and guiding principles. Core Purpose is important to GuideOn’s success because it simultaneously drives our team forward and helps build a sustainable competitive advantage. We believe that in the hands of our leaders and team members Core Purpose becomes the engine of our team and the source of our collective energy. Core Purpose makes GuideOn leaders and team members feel that their work is worthwhile and thus it builds and maintains morale and energy levels. We strongly believe that Core Purpose also guides our work to do things that create a competitive advantage and ultimately turn our Vision into reality (see our Core Purpose below).


GuideOn’s Core Purpose incorporates a deeply felt awareness of who we are as a team, the circumstances of Service Members and Veterans, and GuideOn’s potential calling: the “problem” our United States society is asking the leaders to solve. It draws equally upon our GuideOn’s self-knowledge and intellectual thought – it calls upon everything our company is, everything our team members have experienced and everything we believe in.

In the end, GuideOn’s Core Purpose is “Battle Flag” for doing what is right and what is worthwhile. As such, it creates our sense of obligation. But this obligation is not a weight or a drag in any way. It’s a way of knowing what our leaders and team members can and can’t do. Because Core Purpose provides certainty, it also provides confidence. All of that comes together to contribute to our team’s competitive advantage. “Do the right thing and do it well” This is GuideOn’s way of saying “Do well by doing good.”

Powerful and Transforming Vision: A Deeper Dive

GuideOn’s third essential organizational foundational element is a Powerful and Transforming Vision, “what we want to create”.  Vision provides our company crucial direction. It is our leaders and team member’s vibrant engaging description of what it will be like in the distant future. In simple terms, Vision is reminiscent of the picture on a “jigsaw puzzle box”, it enables everyone in GuideOn to know what the big picture or desired end state looks like.  Additionally, research demonstrates that a powerful and transforming vision is essential to guide change in an organization and shape a new culture


At GuideOn be believe our Vision enables the company and team members to: 1) stretch and aim for a high target, 2) energize and jump-start the future by calling forth the skills, talents, and resources to make our Vision happen, 3) bridge the present and future, and 4) muster the strength to persist in the face of setbacks and even failures.  

In the final analysis, when GuideOn’s high performing leaders and team members harness the power of Core Values, Core Purpose, and Powerful and Transforming Vision they become the energy behind every effort and the force that pushes through all problems. By embracing theses three essential foundational elements, our high performing leaders and team members on a mission and a contagious spirit is felt among everyone to solve “unsolvable” problems innovatively.