As an HR professional, it’s your job to place qualified candidates in the right roles. You need to recruit talent that will positively impact your organization — and once you’ve determined the skills and values required for working at your company, you’ll know exactly which type of talent you need.

Business leaders are increasingly understanding the value of hiring veterans. These candidates have proven to be strong leaders and problem solvers with mission focus and team mentality. The problem is, many civilian workplaces are still trying to deepen their understanding of veteran skillsets, as a lot of military experience tends to get lost in translation on veteran resumes.

Employers say that deciphering the acronyms that make up veterans’ work experience on their resumes is too complex to gain an immediate understanding of their capabilities. Furthermore, veterans often have trouble explaining how their military experience can be adapted to civilian roles.

Here at GuideOn, we aim to bridge the gap in translating veteran skills with our team’s military expertise and technology. In an effort to make your hiring process easier, the following are roles that are best suited for veteran skills:

Operations Manager/Team Leader

Candidates with military experience have worked in operations since Basic Training. Whether it was a rifleman in a line company or as a mechanic fixing vehicles, veterans understand how to meet timelines, prioritize, and effectively lead a team.

Veterans are well suited to be Team Leaders because they have had experience leading teams during their time in the military. As soldiers move up the ranks, their leadership duties progress in tandem. Just as there are different levels of hierarchy within a business, soldiers can progress through levels of team leadership roles during their service and, thus, be prepared to continue that leadership after transitioning out.

Project/Program Manager

Project Management hinges on the ability to work well with timelines and strategize how to execute key tasks with your team. Project Managers need to keep their teams focused and hitting timelines. All branches of the military have had this type of experience, especially vets who served in the Army, as the military decision making process has been engrained.

Sales Manager/Business Development Manager

Candidates with military experience have exercised the skills needed to be a great salesperson or business development manager. How?

  • They briefed their commander on a possible courses of action and execution strategies.
  • They had to get the buy in of their team or leadership that their strategy will prove effective.
  • They extended their influence outside of the command structure, building relationships to help the organization run smoother.

Business Intelligence Operations

Veterans who have experience as an Intel Analyst or an S2, or have done extensive research and intel gathering, will succeed in a Business Intelligence Operations role. Being able to research competition, industry trends, and potential business partnerships are all valuable skills that many vets possess.

Technical Fields

When it comes to hard skills, veteran candidates tend to have advanced technical experience.

Military resumes may include:

  • Fixed a tank
  • Worked on a nuclear submarine
  • Underwater welding

These are all valuable skills that are highly specialized jobs that require a good amount of training. Vets have the necessary technical skills to excel in these jobs and add value to the roles and companies they’re placed in.

If you’re interested in learning more about translating veteran skills or have any questions, please request a call below and a member of our team will reach out shortly to assist you!