A few weeks after making the decision to leave the Army, a private sector friend informed me that I needed to create a resume. My first response was, “What is a resume and how do I put this together?”. After fumbling through the process, I reached out to my dad, a retired LTC who left the Army in 1993. He was now a PhD and successful business consultant who had been working in the private sector for over 20 years.

He took a look at my drafted resume, which was several pages long, and politely asked for my OERs. Over the next 24 hours, he translated my experience and mapped my skills to a nice and neat 1-page resume. Now, any recruiter or private sector professional could understand this new resume. However, there was one small problem. After reading it a few times, I asked, “So what does this all mean?”.

My dad walked me through the verbiage and explained that THIS was how professionals communicated their experience in the private sector. After a quick 20-minute overview, I saw the connection and understood that I would have to begin reinventing my professional self.

Over the next 8 years, my dad and I assisted dozens of soldiers in transforming their military experience from their awards, OERs, NCOERs, and military duties. Finally, in September of 2014, we decided that we needed to invent a way of doing this for all soldiers. We wanted this solution to be free and as fast as completing your taxes online. Over the next few months we joined forces with a hand picked team of developers, behavioral scientists, and veterans to create GuideOn.

This Veterans Day, we invite the Combat Arms branches of the Army to be the first to use GuideOn! Over the next several months, GuideOn will evolve from a resume creator to a veteran career placement platform. That’s just a fancy way of saying “partnering with companies to get veterans jobs.” And not just the jobs that correspond to what you did in the Army, but jobs that correspond to the expert skills and experience you acquired in the Army.

If you’re about to leave the Army or would like to see how your Army experience translates to the private sector, we invite you to sign up and create your resume. Once you’ve signed up, stand fast – we will soon notify you via email that we’re ready to ROLL!

Thanks for using GuideOn!

Anthony Garcia
GuideOn, CEO
U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Iraq ‘03-’04 and ‘05